International Aid to Haiti


International aid began to arrive to Puerto Príncipe to assist hundreds of thousands of Haitians affected by the earthquake which left the Caribbean country devastated. It is considered one of the worst tragedies that had ever happened in the region.

Thousands of residents spent their second night outdoors, enduring low temperatures and sleeping with the corpses of their relatives, which caused a lot of anguish.

United States has already launched a massive emergency assistance. Ships, helicopters, transport aircraft and about 2 thousand infantry Marines arrived at the country.

Rene Preval, Haiti’s president, said that ‘the death toll could exceed 50 thousand people, but other officials believe that it has already reached the 100 thousand.”

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States, and Robert Gates, Pentagon chief suspended their trips abroad to personally attend the devastated area in Haiti.

The United Nations released a total of 10 million dollars from its emergency funds.

The UN workers, who must face the deaths of their companions, are distributing food among the people injured in Puerto Príncipe.

The International Red Cross estimates that ‘about three million people need urgent help from tents to food and drinking water’.

The World Health Organization reported that “there were sent 65 specialists to help to remove the hundreds of corpses throughout the capital, after the Red Cross announced the shipment of thousands of black bags.”

The World Bank plans to deliver $ 100 million for emergency aid.

Spain has sent three planes with rescue workers and 100 tons of tents, blankets and kitchen items.

At the airport of Puerto Príncipe military aircraft are already there, C-130 from Canada with nets and other medical items.

Iceland, Cuba, Venezuela and China are other countries that sent aid .

Leonel Fernández, president of the Dominican Republic, ordered “speeding up the delivery of aid to Haitians’. On Thursday, Leonel Fernández, flew over some areas of Haiti to see the damage that the earthquake made.

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