Veron’s father played down his grandson’s accident

juan ramon veron

“La Brujita” Veron’s father, Juan Ramon Veron, talked about the accident his 10 year old grandson had. Juan Sebastian’s son crashed with his quadricycle into a girl who was sunbathing.

“The girl bit her lip but the incident didn’t become major. Deian is 10 years old and boys have fun with the quads in the beach,” downplayed Pincha’s former striker in the 70′s.

The older Bruja couldn’t answer about the security measures required for driving the quads. “I think they use a helmet. But the vehicle has a small motor.”

“What happened was an accident and no one was seriously injured. People were surely on the dunes looking for protection from the wind and my granson just went past there. It could have happened to anybody,” he said.

He also said: “We don’t know the consequences. The boys weren’t alone, they were with their uncle. It was an accident and luckily nothing major happened.”

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