Lindsay Lohan accused of plagiarism


Actress Lindsay Lohan began working as an artistic designer for Ungaro, but the results weren’t as she expected, ending with the resignation of the company’s president, but now Lindsay was accused of plagiarizing a model of ‘leggings’.

WWDFashion reported that “Lindsay, who was working for the fashion company “6126 “, where she had been designing socks, was charged of plagiarism due to the design of the clothes’.

James Lillis, Black Milk Clothing designer compared the ‘Diamond’ leggins to Lohan’s and told to the media that they have the same characteristics, a triangular shape as the picture shows.

Designer Jen Kao, gave her opinion about the actress saying that “Lindsay Lohan was not original when creating her own desgins. We all realize that copies in this industry are usually seen, but we are reaching an alarming level “, and that “it’s a shame that while some young people are trying to be famous developing their own designs, some big companies copy their sketches to use them and create a new cloth.”

Kristi Kaylor, president of “6126″ said that she had any similarity between Lohan’s leggins and Black Milk’s clothing is pure coincidence.

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