Roberto Giordano presented his traditional fashion show in Punta del Este


The famous fashion designer Roberto Giordano made his traditional fashion show earlier this year in Punta del Este. Once again, Tete Coustarot, hosted the show with the coiffeur.

The show particularity, Giordano’s own idea, was to present the models of “ascending” in his stature.

For this reason, the first one out on the catwalk was Rocio Guirao Diaz, beginning with the moment of “the small models,” Deborah Bennett did the same for the “medium” and Dolores Barreiro and Ingrid Grudke shocked audiences of Punta del Este.

It is true that this year the guests were not as glamorous as at previous events. Years ago Alain Delon, Jean Claude Van Damme, Viggo Mortensen attended. Also artists such as Susana Gimenez, Mirtha Legrand, Moria Casan, or Diego Maradona. This time, the attraction to the public was the mother of Ricardo Fort.

1,000 guests witnessed the event at the Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este.

The press was waiting for Pampita Ardohain and Isabel Macedo, after the scandal that included scratches and hair pulled.

“Pampita was never invited. That if I could get to come, and he did, was Macedo, ” organizers clarified.

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