Bingo Quilmes robbed, criminals hid until closing hours


An elaborate and witty robbery occurred in the Bingo Quilmes. Two criminals, masked, hid inside the room, and waited for closure to run away with 80 thousand Pesos.

The place is near the train station, just 50 meters away, in 27 Alem street.

Because of the uniqueness of the event, the investigators say that criminals must rely on the complicity or at least receive information from an employee of the Bingo, as they remained hidden inside until the place closed its doors.

The theft occurred just after 20 and the bingo had already closed to the public early, at 19, on New Year’s celebrations. Only three employees and three guards from a private security company were in the place.

The robbers, armed and masked, tied up the employees one by one, who were surprised to see criminals within the area.

“We believe that they came before closing time and with some collaboration or good information remained hidden somewhere and waited until 20 to finalize the coup,” police sources said.

“They knew the place and were very well informed, because they knew how to move and where to go to find the money,” the department added.

The employees were forced to open the safe, where they were 80 thousand Pesos that criminals took.

The site’s security tapes are already in the hands of investigatorss who seek to identify the assailants.

“Even they were hooded, whe will analyze the clothes and physique of the people who entered yesterday afternoon in order to identify any suspects,” said one of the experts.

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