Bilardo remains silent about Mancuso


After assuring a couple of days ago that he would ‘destroy’ Alejandro Mancuso (Diego Maradona’s assistant at the Argentina National Team), on his monday night radio show, he ended up saying NOTHING, Thus, dissapointed the members of the press always eager for scandal.

But the ‘Narigon’ (Bilardo), made the right choice: problems must be discussed in between and they are not for everyone to express their opinion; a matter that afects the players and all the people who have hope in winning the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa.

But Bilardo wasn’t alone to decide; AFA (Argentine Football Association) boss, Julio Grondona called a meeting in Ezeiza, where the AFA training premises are located, and everyone involved in the direction of the team was there.

Diego Maradona, Bilardo, Mancuso, Signorini, Brown, Olarticoechea, Garre, Luis Segura, Batista, Enrique and Grondona himself attended.

The boss spoke and was firm in his words, saying: ‘Stop fooloing around!’.

Then, Don Julio left and Maradona, Bilardo and Mancuso were left face to face. In about an hour all trouble was discussed and the relation is better now according to Bilardo, who asked by journalists yesterday said that he will of course keep on aguing with Maradona because that’s their way since they knew each other back in 83′, but he didn’ know Mancuso beause he met him recently.

So… the argument was between two people that didn’t know each other?

Well, the worst was left behind and now all the coaches can concentrate on what tyhey should be doing every single day: watching players all around the world, taking their picks, and hopefully, decide on the kind of play that Argentina will display at the World Cup next year in South Africa.

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