Monica Carranza founder of “Los Carasucias” dies at 63


After fighting cancer for several years, Monica Carranza died at age 63. She was a founder of the non-profit organization  “Los Carasucias.”

Carranza was named “Woman of the Year” in 1997 for her work in the neighborhood of Mataderos. A woman of great solidarity, she stated at the time: “One thing is to talk of hunger and another thing to feel it.”

Born in Parque Patricios, she lived in various children’s institutes after the death of her father. In those difficult years, Monica was accompanied by her eleven brothers and sisters. But she escaped from those institutions and after spending several years in the streets, got married and started her own soup kitchen “Los Carasucias.”

In this foundation are fed daily some 2,500 families and over 1,500 malnourished children and AIDS patients receive food reinforcement.

“She was a special person, fought a lot when she was a girl living in the street,” her son Roberto told reporters. “Today before 5 am she told me, ‘Negrito, stay with the kids, go forth,’” he recalled.

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