Diego Buonanotte evolves ‘favourably’ according to doctors


River Plate football club’s medical department head announced today that footballer Diego Buonanotte would leave the intensive care unit within 48 hours, as his health is “evolving favourably,” after the car crash that killed his three friends on Saturday morning and left him with a pierced lung and a broken clavicle.

What was the most complicated was the lung’s evolution. Between yesterday and today, the truth is that we are amazed by how well it is evolving,” Horacio Cavaliere told the press at the entrance of the Los Arcos clinic in the Palermo.

Cavaliere, who yesterday said he thought the player could be back on a football field in seven month, today underlined that “time is not a secure science in medicine.”

Cavaliere also said that Buonanotte is constantly asking about his friends and can’t remember much of what happened. “We haven’t told him what happened to his three friends. His parents told him they were in the same state as him or worse.

The River Plate medical department head said they would let the psychopathology specialists tell him the news of their deaths.

Buonanotte’s three childhood friends, Alexis Fulcheri, Emiliano Melo and Germán Suñe, died in the crash.

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