Diego Buonanotte is out of danger


River Plate’s striker Diego Buonanotte, has his right lung affected, according to that indicated by the club’s physician Hector Cavalleri.  “The first 72 hours are the most dangerous,” he said.

The player crashed his car near Arribenos, Santa Fe Province on Saturday. The incident killed three friends who accompanied him.

“The fracture of the humerus can wait, the priority is the lung. The affected one is the right lung. He’s perfect, good, quiet, conscious, asked to see his parents. We talked, but continues sedated,” he added.

Meanwhile, the three friends of the footballer who died in the tragic accident were buried this morning in the cemetery of Clementina. They were Alexis Fulcheri and Emanuel Melo, 21, and Gary Sune, 24.

Relatives, friends and a large number of local residents, came to the municipal cemetery for the burial. Buonanotte does not even know the tragic fate of his friends.

Fulcheri, Melo and Sune were killed when the car Buonanotte was driving had an accident on Route 65, when the footballer apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed into some trees.

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