Cuba: U.S. band “Kool & the Gang” give ‘fraternity’ concert in Havana

Robert “Kool” Bell, leader of the famous US band Kool & the Gang said that Sunday concert at Havana’s Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Tribune was dedicated to the fraternity and unity of the peoples.

Thousands of Cuban party-goers on Sunday danced to veteran American R&B, Jazz, soul, Funk, disco band.

The music frenzy Spanish-speaking islanders were on hand to “Get Down on it” and the 1980s hit “Celebration”.

Robert “Kool” Bell, his brother Khalis Bayyan, drummer George “Funky” Brown and saxophonist Dennis Thomas performed in the island nation despite Washington’s travel restrictions.

“We are all about the music. We travel the world and our message is love, understanding and unity,” Bell, a singer and bass player, told the Associated Press before taking the stage for a performance authorized by the U.S. government. “We don’t come as politicians, we come as musicians.”

Dyana Williams, president of the International Foundation of the African-American Music Association, who coordinated this visit of Kool & the Gang to Cuba, said that coming here is a special moment and considers it a historical cultural exchange.

For his part, trombonist Clifford Adams said he has travelled worldwide with the band, that people want the same everywhere -peace, and that although the distance and differences create stereotyped propaganda, when you visit them and talk to them they turn out to be beautiful.

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  1. Mend A Relationship

    I’d LOVE to visit Havana, one day hopefully!

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