Duhalde 2011: “If I have the chance, I’ll do my best”

duhalde 2011

Former president Eduardo Duhalde referred again to his likely candidacy for 2011:  “I’m going to support the one who is best set up but I if have the chance, I’ll do my best”.

Duhalde reiterated that for now “my main goal is to oust Nestor Kirchner from Buenos Aires, where he was improperly taken on as a deputy”.

“We want to construct a patriotic government with national unity in 2011, although this doesn’t mean that we’ll mix up radicals and the PJ in the lists, because it’s been shown that it’s a mistake”. Once Duhalde fired at Cristina Kirchner’s government: The country “is still tumbling down while we see Brazil, Uruguay and all the countries of the region grow,” he said.


Speaking on the radio, the former president said: “We must understand that it is not possible to govern a country from faction. It’s not possible to keep on thinking that we are the only ones who can fix things,” he said.

He added: “This government is giving us enough evidence of how to divert attention from the subjects that matter. It is hard to explain why a country that could be living an extraordinary recovery process is actually experiencing degradation”.

In turn, Duhalde was optimistic about solving the insecurity issue: “Only fools believe that the insecurity issue can’t be resolved. Countries that have experienced situations of criminality such as ours know how to solve the problem.”

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