San Lorenzo lost with an unusual blooper by Gaston Aguirre

sanlo lanus

Lanus beat San Lorenzo in the Nuevo Gasometro Stadium and need just one more  point to qualify for the Copa Libertadores. The goal, an incredible mistake by defender Gaston Aguirre, left his team out of the fight for a ticket to the international event.

Zubeldia’s side moved over Colon with this victory and only need a draw in the final match to play South America’s most important Cup..

Gaston Aguirre, who scored two goals against Boca Juniors, scored the only goal with a real blunder:

The ball came from the right, it was easy for goalkeeper Migliore to catch it, but for some reason, Botinelli anticipated him and left the ball bouncing in the six-yard box without a goalkeeper to guard San Lorenzo’s goal. That’s when Aguirre arrived, and when everyone expected the defender to send the ball away from there, he smashed it in the middle of the goal.

Stadium: Pedro Bidegain, Boedo.

Referee: Sergio Pezzotta

Goal: SH 37m. G. Aguirre (SL), own goal.

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