Hungary: Two tramps inherit more than 100 million euros

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Two Hungarian brothers named Zsolt and and Geza Peladi have inherited 111 million euros from their long-lost German grandmother.

The Hungarian press reported that “luck struck two homeless brothers, Zsolt and Geza, who survived from a precarious life”. They lived in the outskirts of Budapest in a cave and they sold discarded junk for a living. They were aware that their mother had abandoned them and that she had died years ago.

“We knew our mother came from a wealthy family but she was a difficult person and severed ties with them, and then later abandoned us and we lost touch with her and our father until she eventually died,” 43-year-old Geza Peladi told Hungary’s ATV television.

Geza and Zsolt got the news from a charity worker who was contacted by lawyers for the state. Under German law, direct descendants are automatically entitled to a share of any estate.

“If this all works out it will certainly make up for the life we have had until now — all we really had was each other — no women would look at us living in a cave,” said Geza. “But with money, maybe we can find a partner and finally have a normal life.”

Since their German grandmother had left no next-of-kin for her fortune, the fortune was passed down to her surviving relatives – the Peladi brothers and another sister who lives in America.

Zsolt and Geza are currently getting copies of their mother’s death certificate and proof of their identity before going to Germany to claim the fortune.

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