De Vido would have been Antonini’s key to enter the Government House


Planning Minister Julio De Vido would be to blame for the entrance of Venezuelan businessman Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson to the Government House, bypassing all checkpoints.

This was reported to Argentine daily La Nacion by Argentine and Venezuelan sources involved in the scandal.

Jose Maria Olazagasti, De Vido’s private secretary for years would have been in charge of the entrance of the controversial businessman to the ‘Casa Rosada’.

Olazagasti is also an old friend of Victoria Bereziuk and, according to the news paper, that Monday, August 6, 2007, the two talked the phone for some urgent issues. The call occurred at the same time Victoria and Antonini were in a car trying to enter the Casa Rosada.

Bereziuk showed her credentials but the presidential custody did not let her in, so she called someone called “Basque” who quickly arranged her entrance, which could unlock the mystery and contradictions arround Wilson’s arrival in the Government  House.

Antonini remembers well that afternoon, about 63 hours after customs police confiscated the US$ 800,000 he was attempting to enter the country with. “We went [to the esplanade of the Government House] by the side door, which has a small roof, and once inside, a guard said:” You need to go through the metal detector! “. But she said: “He is with me”. We were the only three using that entrance. We went in and continued upstairs,” he recalled during an interview with newspaper La Nacion.

- Victoria called someone?

“I think she called someone while we were in the car. When we had problems to enter. It was very fast. She called and the door opened. That fast. It was very, very fast. I was very impressed because I did not know where I was. Only once we were inside I realized that we were in the Government House… It seemed like it was very easy to enter.

Within minutes, he was at the cereremony in front of Argentine Presidential Couple and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, and once completed, he swears he joined an informal meeting with De Vido, Uberti, Diego Uzcategui and the President of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez.

- You see, Alejandro?, Whispered Maryory, Rafael knows it, the President knows it, everyone knows it. You do not have any problem.”

The “case of the suitcase” with US$ 800,000 that the Venezuelan businessman was about to enter the country with when customs authorities detected it, had a new turn yesterday: For the first time the government acknowledged that Antonini had been to the Government House. “I saw it on TV and I assume it is truth”, admitted Chief of Cabinet, Anibal Fernandez, about the veracity of the tape that Channel 7 made during a ceremony at the White Room og the Government House. Now he promised an investigation to determine “why he [the Venezuelan businessman], entered, how he got in and who is responsible for that.

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