Aníbal Fernández bashed Macri: “Nixon resigned for much less”


The Cabinet chief asked Mauricio Macri to resign, after the new cases of espionage uncovered by the Justice in which the former Metropolitan Police chief, Jorge “Fino” Palacios and former deputy chief of the force, Osvaldo Chamorro, are incriminated.

Fernandez said that Mauricio Macri is the “first responsible” for the espionage cases. In this framework, the national official said that the PRO’s leader “hasn’t stopped lying and “making fun of us”.

“Richard Nixon resigned to his position as president of the United States for much less”, said Fernandez  on the radio.

On the creation of the Metropolitan Police, Fernandez said the “they’re talking about creating a security force where two bosses were fired and one is in prison. It’s outrageous.”

“Macri’s actions are shameful because he is the sole responsible. Neither Montenegro nor right hand knew what he was doing. This is an issue between Fino Palacios and Macri”, added the Cabinet Chief.

Florencio Randazzo also charged against the head of the city government. “The political responsibility is Macri’s. He’s the first one who should give explanations,” he went on.

Besides, he accused him of “creating a spy agency instead of creating the police force he had promised to give residents peace of mind”.

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