Macri will not appeal the ruling that enabled a gay wedding


The Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, said through a video that he will not appeal the court ruling authorizing same-sex marriages and he stressed the right of citizens to “freely choose whom they want to live with”.

“We decided that we will not appeal the ruling,” he said referring to the court ruling that declared the constitutionality of sections 172 and 188 of the Civil Code. Through a video message released today on his Facebook page, Mauricio Macri said that “we have to live with and accept this reality: the world is going in that direction.”

“It is important to accept and live with this new reality, which is the direction in which the world turning. It is about safeguarding the right of every person to freely choose with whom to pair with and be happy,” said the head of government.

He also said that this is a step forwards on an issue that may still be controversial today, but that will surely change over time.

He said that it is possible that same-sex marriages end up like divorces did, which was a very traumatic issue at the time.

The government’s decision was debated within the PRO, where Macri prevailed “majority of opinion, including mine, in the sense that we won’t appeal.”

Thus, the decision taken by the judge in the first instance is final, and Alejandro Freire and Jose Maria De Bello may marry in the next days, according to what they expressed.


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