Moyano-D’Elía: Nestor’s strategy to counteract Tinelli, Mirtha y Susana


Amid a wave of uncertainty and criticism from society and entertainment figures who are demanding immediate action, the ultrakirchnerist unionists Moyano and D’Elia called for a protest on Friday 20th,  in support of Kirchner.

In a press conference today, the spokesman for the CGT, Juan Carlos Smith, said: “We will repeat the concern we share about a growing mood of conspiracy that we see in various sectors of society”.

Thus the CGT endorsed Cristina Kirchner’s destabilizing complaint. Besides, in a press conference, members from the board accompanied by the leader Luis D’Elia, called for a march on Friday 20 to Plaza de Mayo, in order to “defend constitutional order and democracy.”

“Our main goal is to respect the popular mandate emerged from the polls,” said Smith.

Luis D’Elia gathered with the CGT’s general secretary, hugo Moyano, to fix the details for the march in defense of democracy.

“The President has recently nationalized the workers’ resources who were in the bankers’ hands, the media act and the allowance for children. This infuriates the powerful and economic sectors who wish these things didn’t happen in Argentina,” said D’Elia.

He also said that “Moyano is a man who knows how to represent the working class and it’s very important that this management is stronger every day.”

D’Elia said that the old-times debate between left and right wingers is no use anymore. “Today’s only enemy is oligarchy, pro-colonial oligarchies, who usually don’t understand the need to build a pluralistic democracy.”

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