Subway delegate reports attack on his family and threatens with a new strike


Dissident delegate Nestor Segovia today claimed that his family was attacked by a group of ten people and the police at his home in Moreno. Today they’ll hold a new meeting which could result in a new strike.

During the raid, at about 8 hs, two of the delegate’s sons were wounded by rubber bullets. The response was immediate: the delegates will meet and they threaten with more measures of force.

“It is clear that this attack to Segovia’s family is in connection with the subway workers’ conflict and the strike which took place yesterday, headed by him. We hold responsible the security forces and UTA’s gang for Segovia and his family’s physical integrity”, says a statement. There’s going to be a press conference at the Hotel Bauen, at 18 hs, where they could announce another service cut.

The unionist said that during yesterday’s chaos there was a “bus driver who threatened me”.

The soup kitchen where part of the Segovia’s family works is located on the streets and Joaquin V. Sarmiento González, in the Neighbourhood 2000, in the town of Moreno. “There is a historical claim from a neighbor who wants those this lands.”

“It’s a shame to be suppressed like that,” he said. For several months, Segovia and other workers have been asking for the creation of a union to frame some of the subway workers who don’t wish to be represented by the Transport Workers Union (UTA).

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