Subway: Line E service was suspended in rush hour


Subway line E and the Premetro services are interrupted by a union protest. The measure was triggered by a confusing incident where a subway worker was beaten.

An incident between a passenger and a clerk at the station Independencia of Metrovias, sparked a union protest that ended with suspension of line E and Premetro services for the rest of the day.

According to Metrovias, a group of workers decided to call off the service that joins the stations Bolivar and Plaza de los Virreyes, apart from Premetro.

Meanwhile, the delegate of line B, Claudio Della Carbonara,¬†announced in a radio program that a “strong measure” would be inforced as a result of the worker who was¬†assaulted.

“Chances are that there will be a severe response, which could take place in half an hour,” said the leader of Radio 10 when he was asked about the possibility of further measures.

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