USA: 8-year-old child sex change


JOSIE Romero looks and acts like any other eight-year-old girl – but was born a BOY named Joey.

At FOUR she insisted to her parents: “I am really a girl.” At FIVE she was refusing to have her hair cut. And at SIX she had been diagnosed as transgender.

Now her sex has been legally changed and with the help of drugs and surgery she will grow up to be a woman.

Mum Venessia, 42, said: “As a toddler she wrapped up her army figures and rocked them like a baby.

“As she started to talk, she’d say, ‘I’m a girl’. We used to correct her and say, ‘No you’re a boy’.

“By the time she was four she was insisting, ‘No, I really am a girl’.”

At the time Venessia and hubby Joseph, an engineer in the US airforce, were living on a base in Japan. They adopted a Chinese girl aged two – and Josie loved playing with her AND her toys.

When Josie was 5½ a paediatrician referred her to a gender specialist and the family began accepting her as a girl.

Joseph admitted: “I had mourned the loss of my son. When I came to terms with it, I knew I had gained a daughter.”

But not everything went smoothly – with daily protests outside the base’s school. Since the family returned to Vail, Arizona, last year Josie and her sister Jade have been schooled at home.

Josie’s birth certificate, passport and even her social security number have been changed to show her as a girl.

She will be given drugs to prevent male adolescence and, at 12, get female hormones. And she understands she will need surgery as an adult to become a full woman.

Josie – now a spokesperson for transgender children – said: “I am happy everyone knows I am a real girl, and that I don’t have to pretend to be a boy any more.”

The family are one of several featured at 9pm on Monday in Channel 4′s BodyShock documentary Age 8 And Wanting A Sex Change.

The case echoes that of a boy of 12 in Southern England, revealed last month by The Sun. He returned to school from holidays as a girl after his parents changed his name by deed poll.

Source: The Sun

19 Responses to USA: 8-year-old child sex change

  1. yeah they allot of those dumd show that people like us teens don’t even care about

  2. This Josie is a boy and real creepy. She should not be allowed in any school near any child. The mother should not have been allowed to adopt a child.
    What kind of environment is this for an adopted child. The parents should be gaoled and the children taken from them. Josie should be put into good foster care where his hair was cut and he wore boys clothes and put into a boys school. Her mother made him a very sick creepy child and going by the photos would scare anyone who care upon him.

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  4. Mary Jane Perez Cornielle

    People must understand that in the womb these fetuses acquire certain markers in their chromosomes that makes them feel that they are opposite of the sex with which they were born. Nature sometimes, takes an opposite turn internally of what appears on the surface. What is important here, is that a person feels happy. If you are unhappy with something or a situation, and you can change it, why not?

  5. Get stuck into this cheeky little stuck up child trying to pretend she is a girl. I would embarrass her and shame her in front of everybody. Give her a mirror to see she is a boy. Her voice and face give her away. She never was nor never will be a girl. The same as these others in the documentary 8 and wanting a sex change. A 16 year old giggling and saying he is a boy and living with a male impersonator. A girl called Bailey pretending she is a boy. They should be taken away from the parents who are freaks and making them freaks as well.

  6. Hi
    I am a 15 year old boy but I fell like and act like a women. I have come to trems of the idea of me being a boy. But I do plan on geting a sex change when I move out. Do you have any sujustins for me so I can act like a women in pravit. My mom is aginst gays and the idea of sex change.
    If you have time can you emale some info on sex change my emale is
    Thank you

  7. It might be a human phenomenon when one doesn’t feel they are the gender of their genitalia, but it should be recognized young and not ignored to save families from heartbreak and the person can be who they really are.

  8. I love this!!! Those are parents who are willing to do anything to make their child happy and that’s a good parent. Not letting their child grow up a way that Josie didnt want to and I think that’s awesome.

  9. To all the judgmental comments below:

    You really think that doctors would allow parents to do this sort of think if it wasn’t real? Doctors are not going to perform surgery on a kid just because he wants to be a girl. He was DIAGNOSED as transgender by multiple doctors. They ran tons of tests on him and the majority agreed that he was in fact transgendered. This sort of thing is not taken lightly. You all are acting like he went into the doctors office as a boy and came out a girl.

    The world is f**cked up because of ignorant people like you who live in a box. You’re God is so small.

  10. The parents should be charged with felony child abuse for allowing this child to be sexually mutilated. Ridiculous.

  11. i honestly cant believe that a kid that young would want to change who they are. that is just ridiculous, you are who you are….and especially as a kid. thats really upsetting, im blown away from this article right now. wow. this world is a total different place now in days. im speechless :?

  12. what a little slut. I would punish his parents and then punish her for acting like a little whore.

  13. Mondow!! I will NEVER do that thing for my child..

  14. I personally was born in the right body as a female. However, how could anyone think a child makes up the fact that they don’t feel like their supposed gender? Where and why would they have the knowledge to do this? It is obviously how they feel. Good thing the world isn’t completely filled with ignorant people and this child can be comfortable in her own skin!

  15. wow…what’s the world coming to when we let an eight year old make a decision that will affect the rest of his/her life. yeah he insisted on wanting to be a girl…but 8 year olds also think girls have cooties and the dont want to shower. wow!

  16. 2009 is a freakin nightmare to live in! This Sodom and Gomorrah culture of Israel, North Amerikkka, western Europe, Australia and New Zealand shall be washed away soon enough. On top of that this is the first year in human history that world governance has been announce. Stock up on food, guns, ammo, water, gold, silver, clothes, shelter whatever else you can use to protect thyself because it might be a rougher ride before shyt gets any better! Peace be unto you all!

  17. The world is fuc**d up

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