The Superclásico is coming up


The Super Classic will be played at 16.15 at the Monumental stadium, in its new devalued edition. The Millionaire is near the bottom of the ranking and it only won one out of nine dates. The Xeneize started off with the left food. Alfio Basile presented his resignation, then he was convinced to change his mind, and now it seems he found the team.

“Winning the Super Classic won’t save our year,” said Leonardo Astrada yesterday after the goalless draw with Huracan in Parque de los Patricios. The Boss will lead Boca in its third match of this new cycle. Nestor Gorosito could never work around a soulless team.

 The striker Cristian Fabbiani admitted that he never played “as bad” as in this tournament, but he claimed a place in the squad that will face Boca on Sunday. “I’m going to do my best to get my contract nenewed,” he promised.

“I know I arrived at the club in a very difficult year and top it off things didn’t work out for me; I never did as bad, and it had to happen here in River. But from up to December I won’t give in. I want to show that I can make my team proud of me,” said Fabbiani, over an interview with radio station La Red.

Boca is growing with its three victories on a row (Velez, Racing, and Tigre) and is now 5 points ahead in the tournament. Alfio Basile’s team conceals the miseries that it showed in the initial dates. Before these three victories the defeats (before Atletico Tucuman, Godoy Cruz, and Estudiantes) triggered the coach’s resignation.

After Coco reversed his decision, he endured another 1-2 blow before Estudiantes and there appeared Juan Roman Riquelme, and Martin Palermo, to give him some relief. Now Boca is the big favourite on Sunday, even if it still shows some serious defensive flaws.

Meanwhile, Boca’s president, Jorge Amor Ameal, will meet today his River peer, Jose Maria Aguilar, to define the amount of locations that the Nuñez club will give the ‘xeneizes’. Firstly, they would be 4,500 popular seats.

“We’ll try to get as many as we can,” said yesterday Boca’s president.

The presidents will also talk about a joint proposal to submit to the AFA on the matches’ televising.

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