Romell Broom describes his dramatic experience with failed lethal injection

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Romell Broom, 53, on September 15th crossed the corridor of death and then received 18 punctures over three hours, the execution was suspended by the governor, Ted Strickland.


Romell Broom against Ted Strickland
Romell Broom

‘By this, I, Romell Broom, declare and attest that:
1. I am an intern at the death row in Ohio.
2. My execution was scheduled for Tuesday 15 September 2009. The execution was carried out in the Prison South (Southern Correctional Facility, SOCF) in Lucasville, Ohio.
3. Prison officers took me from the Ohio State Penitentiary to SOCF, 14 September 2009.
4. After my arrival, a nurse came to where I was housed, the cell J-1. The nurse arrived, she found two veins in my right arm and my left arm, tied my arm and took note of what she found.
5. After that, prison officials were offering fluids every time. I agreed. During that day I drank coffee, Kool-Aid and water. I took seven cups of coffee, five cups of water and three cups of Kool-Aid.
6. On 15 September 2009, I woke up, showered and talked to my brother on the phone. At one point, the chief enforcement officials told me that one of the court was reviewing my case and that the execution had been delayed in the meantime. Due to the length of the delay, I thought the court would accept my arguments for an appeal.
7. However, around 2, my lawyer informed me that the court had rejected my appeal and that there were no more ways of action. The state would go ahead with my execution.
8. When I was in the cell, the chief officer Phillip Kerns came in with several guards, and I read the execution order. Then came two nurses who told me to lie down. One of the nurses was a white man and the other a white woman.
9. There were three guards in the room. A guard was on my right, another on my left and another at my feet.
10. The nurses tried to simultaneously access the veins in my arms. The nurse tried three times to access the central veins in my left arm. The nurse tried three times to access the central veins in my right arm.
11. After those six attempts, the nurse told me to rest a little. I kept lying in bed for two and half minutes or so.
12. After the break, the nurse tried twice to access the veins of my left arm. He must have clicked a muscle because the pain made me cry. The nurse tried three times to access the veins of my right arm. The first time the nurse got access to a vein in my right arm. He tried to insert the IV, but lost it and started running blood through the arm. The nurse left the room. The prison officer asked if she was okay. She replied: “No,” and left.
13. The enforcement officers testified that it was difficult for everyone and suggested doing another pause. Then it was the nurse. The official who was on my right tapped me on the shoulder and told me to relax as we rested for a moment. At that point, I was very sore. Puncture wounds hurt me and I could not move my arms.
14. The nurse returned with a hot towel placed on her left arm. She put the towels on my arms and massaged my left arm. She said that towels would help them to access the veins.
15. After applying the towels, the nurse tried to access my veins, once in the middle of my left arm and three times more on the left. After the third attempt to access the veins, the nurse said the heroin had damaged my veins. That comment upset me because I have never used heroin and other drugs intravenously. I replied to the nurse that I never had used heroin.
16. The nurse kept saying that the vein was there but could not get it. I tried to work helping to tie my own arm. A prison officer walked over, patted my hand to indicate that he also saw the vein, the nurse tried to help me locate it.
17. The chief enforcement officials said they would do another break and returned to tell me to relax.
18. Then I broke down. I began to mourn because I ached and my arms were swollen. The nurses were clicking needles into areas that were already swollen and bruised. I asked to interrupt the process and asked to speak with my lawyer.
19. The chief enforcement officers asked me to sit for the blood circulate better. Then he entered the room the  head nurse, an Asian woman.
20. The head nurse tried to access the veins in my right ankle. She asked that someone gave “a twenty” and someone handed her a needle. During this attempt, she jabbed the needle into the bone and was very painful. I screamed. While the head nurse tried to access a vein in my lower left leg, the nurse tried to access a vein in my right ankle. After those attempts failed, the head nurse took the needle and left the room.
21. The nurse made two attempts to access the veins in my right hand. It seemed they had given up and left arm because it was swollen and bruised. The pain level was at maximum. I had been stung at least 18 times in multiple areas, all intended to inject some drugs going to take my life.
22. The chief enforcement officers returned to tell me to relax. There was talk among officials about the fact that they could see the veins.
23. After a while, the director, Terry Collins, entered the room and told me they were going to suspend the execution. Collins said that he appreciated my cooperation and taking note of my attempts to help the team. He also expressed confidence in the team performance and professionalism. The director told me that Collins would call Governor Strickland to inform of the situation.
24. Officials asked me if I wanted a coffee and a cigarette. I lay in bed with the lights dimmed.
25. About half an hour later, my lawyer, Adele Shank, came and told me that the governor had issued the order to postpone a week. I told to the lawyer Shank of my pain and showed the areas with bruises.
26. After he left, prison officials transferred me to the hospital.
27. The next morning, my arms began to give more signs of bruising and swelling. Each site of the arm which had made an attempt showed visible bruising and swelling. Some of the bruising of the hands and ankle were  gone and some of the swelling disappeared over the following afternoon.
28. Even today, my arms have large bruises visible, and still swollen. The multiple sites where the nurses tried to access my veins are aching.
29. Prison officials agreed to keep the SOCF during the week of postponement. During this time, I am constantly under observation of the implementation team and the guards.
30. Expecting to be executed is distressing. I think a lot of tension produced by the State of Ohio has the intent to cause physical pain the same next week.
31. I am compelled to constantly remember that next week I will have to suffer the same torture that I was inflicted by Ohio State on Tuesday, 15 September 2009, because there has been no change in Ohio’s execution protocol and has not been no change in my veins. The witness has nothing more to say.
Rommel Broom ‘
Sworn, affirmed and subscribed before me on 17 September 2009.
Marcia Dukes, public notary.

27 Responses to Romell Broom describes his dramatic experience with failed lethal injection

  1. The death penalty is one of the 10 million reasons the United States is the best country in the world! It should be expanded to rapists as well. It used to be that way but whiny crybaby liberals messed that up.

  2. I don’t think he should be removed from Death Row even if he is not taken for execution again.. Reason, he needs to spend 23 hours a day in a confined cell (which I think LWP prisoners don’t have to).

  3. He deserves a whole lot worse than those “18 needle sticks”! What a big crybaby! He should have been RAPED WITH A BROOM 18 times … (pun intended here) like he raped his young victim! Then slowly electricuted so he could see death approaching him!
    As a victim of a murdered loved one, I have no problem assisting with his death. For 21 years now, we have been paying a murderer’s room and board and all his activities! How many more years do we have to support these criminals when on “death row”? What a joke of the “death sentence”.

  4. If you allow the state to do whatever with the con prior to execution, why not just go ahead and allow torture, public hangings, stoning etc? Seriously? That’s what your argument leads to. it’s not so much the physical pain as the me tal stress of even having to help and assist some apparently incompetent nurses, clearly lacking moral standards just working there, execute you.

    You can’t control what “private” murderers do to their victims, but when a state is about to kill someone, well it first if all shouldn’t be done at all, otherwise in a proper and constitutional way at least. Abolish the death penalty America, your making a fool out of yourself in the western community, being one of the leading executors in the world along with China and other immoral countries not typically associated with the USA.


    • I Agree. Regardless of what someone has done you cannot take their life, I agree that you can lock them up for life (not as punishment but to remove them from the community) but not take their life. Who does ohio think they are? Gods state?

    • Are you kidding me?? You folks that don’t believe in the death
      penalty???? I think he should be raped and killed like his
      victim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of what the victim’s family is dealing with!!!!

  6. I am totally against the death penalty why u ask because real perpetrators come after the death sentence has passed to admit they killed etc etc Yet the states say its ok to kill innocent people the man I won’t forget was a farmer whom was basicly was in the wrong place at the wrong time and police officers arrested him and got him charged with 1st degree murder and for raping a woman Yet within a day after the execution the real criminal came forward but he was freed because somebody has been done for his crime but a family are without a farther son and co so an innocent family are morning a lost family member there are so many miscarriages of justice in the states especially where deathrow inmates are concerned. The death sentence in the states must be overhauled by obama as as possible other more innocent will be killed . I am against the death sentence as its not an answerable punishment as there too many botched execution,s too which the us don’t publish for overious reasons Mr bloom’s sentence was blotched from the word go they should have stopped finding a vein a lot sooner than two hours and forcing a needle into his leg so it went into his bone that inhuman totally out of order us prison should be disgraced of themselves totally

  7. I believe ending the death penalty and it just shouldn´t exist. No one has the right to kill if we still haven´t been able to recreate it. Aslo aren´t the governments saying that people shoul´dn´t kill? Well, they are killing and its wrong. It goes against human rights because everyone has the right to live. Why do people try to find their happiness in the sadness of others!v this is wrong and it just should´nt be like that! I understand that murderes should be locked up in jail forever, but they should´nt be killed. peace and love !

    • Dude,
      Why people kill other people in the first place…Why don’t people against death penalty think about the victim and their families. Most of the times, the culprit gets the better and easy death as compared to the violent death of victim(s).

  8. This is why we musy abolish the death penalty. Now is the time for us to take a stand against these inhumane acts. Places like California, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas are major places that are needed to be worked on first. If you are pro life let this be a testiment that something must be done. We are saying killing is wrong but justify it by saying we can kill you cause you killed someone. What type of message is that.

  9. Have you spent 26 years in a prison cell? Have you been apart from your family for 26 long years of seclusion? Yes perhaps he did commit a violent and vicious crime, and yes for that he deserves to be punished-but come on people-18 needles -don’t tell me that that is acceptable because he is a criminal. Is it ok then to kick 4 of his teeth out prior to executing him? Or perhaps remove his organs for transplant purposes? OF COURSE NOT!!

    After 26 years behind bars-don’t you think he deserves just a little acceptance? Dont you think that perhaps he has already been punished enough-a meaningless like of lock up aint pleasant. I hope that this man gets to live (be it behind bars or not) and that he is not further treated so badly.

    I commend Ted Strickland only for his decision to postpone the execution and I hope and pray that Romell Broom’s Appeal succeeds!!

    • *Have you spent 26 years in a prison cell? Have you been apart from your family for 26 long years of seclusion? Yes perhaps he did commit a violent and vicious crime, and yes for that he deserves to be punished-but come on people-18 needles -don’t tell me that that is acceptable because he is a criminal*

      Please!! As your feeling for him because of 18 needles, think of what that poor 14 y.o. girl was going through her last mins of her life, how about her family that will not see her for the REST of their lives, so forget the 26 years he is in prison and HE STILL has communication with his family. DOES Tryna Middleton? I see the problem to many people feel sorry for these sick twisted people that are going to be executed, the thing is they are on death row for a reason and that is THEY PURPOSELY TOOK A LIFE! I am so sick of hearing the complaints of these guys due to how they live in prison while waitin for thier execution day. When you PURPOSELY commit this type of crime, I feel you should be put to death. And as it is, most of these guys sit on death row for many years beyond what they should. But you know something, if you think that being sentenced to Death is harsh? please, go to another country and steal, rape or kill, and see what their government will do to you,

  10. I am unmoved by this ridiculous affidavit. Being in the medical field…a trained phlebotomist as well as other skills, I find Broom’s claim of torture totally ludicrous. And the head nurse hit a bone….PLEASE!!! But why would a murderer that is facing death want to NOT play this mishap for everything it’s worth; Notoriety and a stay of execution….hmmm

  11. edward c. stengel

    Whether you agree with the death penalty or not, if it cannot be accomplished without torturing the victim, which is obviously the case with Mr. Rommel Broom, then it is unconstitutional because it is cruel and unusual punishment. Either Ohio needs another form of execution, like firing squad or electric chair, or it should be compelled to commute Mr. Broom’s sentence to life without parole.

    • Of course you can “accomplish” this without torture – stick a Glock to the back of his head and pull the trigger! Or just chuck a frag grenade into his cell!

      Hell, you could just go down the whole death row & slot ‘em all one after the other.

      And it would still be far far more than they ever deserve.

      Just goes to show how much a favor George Zimmerman did to the law-abiding citizens of Florida.

  12. Nico (from germany)

    i wnat to say some sentence about this horrible things calles “justice”. not long time before (from 1933.45) we germans make the sam e thing with jews and handicaped people. and after the war your fathers take the exekution procedures with you (and yeas its the same gas zyklon B which the nazis used to kill people now used to kill “murders”) and now i ask: ARE WE GODS? NO WE ARENT. no one has the right to kill. and in this you arent better as the murders.

  13. Oh please! Spear me! He calls needle pricks pain, to a point of crying? What poor Tryna Middleton (his child victim) suffered at HIS hands would have been pain, not what this animal experienced. Pls put him down – the sooner the better! AND this time pls do a better job so I don’t have to read any more crap such as this affidavit.

  14. Whaaaaaa. Whaaaaa. His arms are sore. I am sure he was just as concerned about the comfort of his victims.

  15. Come on people have some heart. Yes, he is a murderer. What he did is horrible beyond words. But he is still a human being. Some of your comments are just sick. Who knows why he became a murderer. Most likely because of the society we live in.

  16. Only God has e right to take away life, even it Rommell is a murder he has a right to live

  17. Should never have done away with old sparky

  18. Oh stfu Matt and go back to your pitiful Pro DP Board and cry more bum


  20. Oh boo-ho. You murdered and raped… You’re sick. I wish you could feel your victims pain.

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