The occupation of Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires continues


The students of the National School of Buenos Aires aren’t having classes since last Thursday due to a measure taken by the student centre to support their peers sanctioned for skipping school at the ceremony of “Noche de los Lapices” (a movie about the Argentinean dictatorship) on September 16.
The students anticipated that they will also block Avenida de Mayo to extend the protest measures and reject the disciplinary measures imposed by authorities.
In assembly, about 800 students decided yesterday to continue taking the school and spend the night there.
The school’s principal, Virginia Gonzalez Gass, warned that while the school’s taking continues, the teachers won’t return to work.
The school decided to continue with the sanctions and not resume teaching until the authorities get in the school.
Anyway, they let the teachers in but not the authorities. And the principal also consideres that the circumstances aren’t right to resume the classes.
Gonzalez Gass warned that the school’s taking isn’t supported by the majority of the students. Out of 2000 students, only 40 are carrying forward the measure.
Lautaro Ferrada, from the board of the student’s centre, said: “We want to have more participation in the internal regulations. March 24 and September 16 are dates to protest, not to negotiate a week before whether it’s a holiday or not.” 
Mariana Katz, president of the student’s centre, said last night that since the authorities refuse to dialogue, the taking will continue until tomorrow (for today). We will have public classes at the school’s entrance and we’ll go to the Principal’s office.  
Katz asked for new conditions to end the institution’s taking. Among other things she demanded three days off a year.
She also denied that the student’s against the taking are forbidden to speak or enter the school. “We invite students to participate of the meetings and give their opinions”, said Katz. “If we mistreated any student, we apologize.”

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