Lucila Polak, Al Pacino’s girlfriend

lucila polak

Lucila Polak (32) is Argentinean, she’s got long black hair, dark wide eyes and six feet four. Daughter of Federico Polak, who was spokesman for the late Argentine President Raul Alfonsin, is a model and actress despite parental opposition.

She conquered the heart of one of the most important actors in Hollywood history, Al Pacino.

Lucila dropped college to host a TV show. “While all my friends were studying and doing the usual, I was the black sheep of the family.” Said this girl who at 19 moved to Los Angeles where she had a baby girl.

She has been with Al Pacino for two years now. And while we all imagine how difficult it might be to be dating such a famous star, Lucila says that her relationship with the actor from “The Godfather” has not changed her life at all.

Polak said she does not mind in the almost 40 years that separate them (Pacino is 70) “It is not so important … No, not so important. You know a person and you fall in love with that person. With Al there are plenty of things we have in common and that is important. “

3 Responses to Lucila Polak, Al Pacino’s girlfriend

  1. Al Pacino the GREATEST actor of all time…. DESERVES anything his BIG &TALENTED heart desires…They make a BEAUTIFUL couple and age is irrelevant….She should have his child because his and her offspring should
    be a phenomenon….hands down! I love you AL PACINO !!!!!!

  2. jajajaja sos una grosa chabona, estas con Pacino ajajaj que hija de pu**! te re banco

  3. Sue Judith Gartman

    Al Pacino is a wonderful actor. Many women today like to have older men as companions. I am glad that Mr. Pacino has found someone to love.

    Sue Judith Gartman

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