Top seed Flavia Pennetta: free sex with Moya and romp with Safin


Tennis beauty Flavia Pennetta, seeded 10 at WTA ranking, made explosive declarations. Pennetta unveiled details of her sex life with tennists and she unleashed a polemic when she affirmed that some tennis players take cocaine just for fun.

“With (Carlos) Moya I had free sex all over the tournament. We shared a room and we didn’t practise abstinence as we’re advised, though we did practise free sex,” said the Italian.

Panneta has no commitments now since “Moya fell in love with someone else”, and she admits three or four tennist players have tried to pull her since she broke up with the Spaniard. “The last one was a Brazilian, but I said now because I didn’t fancy him.”

Same sex relationships don’t cross her mind, but she admits it wouldn’t be difficult to experiment because in there’re lots of lesbians in tennis. She hasn’t received any offers anyway, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried sex in the changing rooms. And also on the clay, the grass and on a plane. The “flight was very long.”

Pannetta denied having tried cocaine. And she said her favourite players are, and not exactly because of their performance, “Tommy Haas is the most handsome one, but she’d have a romp with Marat Safin.” You gotta a call, Marat…

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  1. I want you, Flavia. :)

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