South Africa: Plane crashes into the fence of a school


A passengers aircraft crashed into the fence of a high school near Durban International Airport, east of South Africa. By some miracle, no one was killed.

The plane from South African Airways (SAA), with a capacity for 50 passengers, had only three people aboard when it crashed, at 8:00 local time, against the fence of Merebank high school, some three km from the airport.

A woman who was cleaning the street near the school at the time of the accident is the fourth victim of the accident.

The plane broke in two and the wreckage was strewn on both sides of the school’s fence, which was empty because today is a holiday in South Africa, which celebrates the National Heritage Day.

Witnesses quoted by SAPA said the plane was flying “very low” and it “narrowly avoided” the houses in the neighborhood to crash near the school, a place that was clear.

Transport Minister, Sibusiso Ndebele, said in a statement that staff at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had gone to the site to begin an investigation and wished the injured recovered quickly, but he did not add any details about the accident.

In addition to the rescue personnel and the CAA, other representatives from SAA airline and from the South African Airlines Company (ACSA) have gone to the site to examine the circumstances of the accident.

After the arrival of the rescue teams, hundreds of neighbors and onlookers gathered near the crash site to follow the relief operations.


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