The reasons for Doctors’ protest

paro medicos

Doctors in public hospitals and health facilities in 18 Argentine provinces carried out a 24-hour strike demanding the return to wage bargaining and more investment in public health.

The protest, which affects about 200 hospitals and 500 health centers nationwide, was organized by the Health Professionals Trade Unions’ Federation (Fesprosa).

The exceptions are Formosa, Misiones, Santa Cruz, Chubut and Buenos Aires provinces. In Cordoba hospitals today are running normally, but because the doctors staged a strike in that province yesterday.

“Most hospitals and health centers in Greater Buenos Aires only have their Emergency Rooms operating” Union sources claimed.

Claims for health professionals are four:

“Increased investment in public health to ensure the right of all inhabitants of the country to receive adequate attention.”

“To propperly register health professionals.”

“The transfer back to the state of the Children’s Hospital of Salta, which is managed by a private company.”

“The reopening of the wage bargaining in all provinces.”

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