Yanina Screpante, Juan Martin Del Potro’s girlfriend

Yanina Screpante

The alleged girlfriend of US Open Champion Juan Martin Del Potro, called Yanina Screpante is 25, five years older than Delpo. Apparently, the romance began a year ago when they met at a Buenos Aires dance club.

The tennis player would have been stalking the model for quite some time, until only three months ago they started a relationship.

According to sources close to the player before leaving for the United States he would have said: “From now on you’re my girlfriend.” However, she prefers to take things slowly and not talking to the media fearing that it might jeopardize the relationship.

She urged caution and did not give any details of the relationship.

Anyway, it is possible that in the coming hours, Juan Martin Del Potro, once he is released from the many obligations upon his return to our country, pays her a visit.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the main guest of the Susana Gimenez tv show, where the host will most certainly ask him about Yanina Screpante and their alleged affair.

Yanina Screpante has a promising career in the world of fashion and modeling, after signing a contract with Ricardo Piñeyro’s agency .

But, when it comes to her relationship with the tennis player, the girl wants to keep a low profile, something many would not expect from a model.

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