Panama: youngsters claim to have killed an alien


The discovery of a strange creature in Cerro Azul, Panama, sparked controversy among the people, for what some say might be a creature from another planet, others simply believe that it si just an animal.

Two young men were having fun on the hill when they saw at the entrance of a cave a creature that was approaching them. They were frightened and stoned it to death.

Panama’s  Channel 13 showed images of a strange creature that appeared last weekend in Cerro Azul, east of Panama City, and that alarmed local residents.

According to Telemetro, polemic unleashed between those who believe it is an animal and those who think it’s an extraterrestrial creature.

No authority said anything about the find.

Telemetro said four children, aged between 15 and 16 , saw the “thing” out of the water fall of Cerro Azul and stoned it to death, afraid of being attacked.


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  1. This story and these comments depict humanity at its worst. Anyone theorizing whether these pictures are a hoax might as well live in a cave themselves. More disturbing, however, is the fact that two boys claimed to see an alien and without any provocation from the alien, attacked and killed it. To debate whether it was hoax without mentioning the consequences of it not being a hoax, suggests humanity is cruel, ignorant, and self-serving – which is far less than what we are capable of as a race.

  2. Side note: this subjectively termed ‘alien’ does seem to show me where MIB got their idea for the aliens that drink coffee

  3. this is neither a sloth or an “alien” but it is a relative of the sloth as i have did many months of research on this “creature”

  4. its clearly just a hoax. a shaven animal or something

  5. Sure, laugh all you want, but I’m telling you, I KNOW THAT GUY.

  6. It’s a sloth. It mutated. Get over it.

    • its not a sloth dumbass,,,,,look at the face its obviously blind and sloths have hair it didnt mutate dumby,,if so wheres the rest of the mutated sloths wake up theres more to life than just what u see everyday

      • it CAN be a mutant.and yes.just get over it.not every mutation is inheritable or happens often.i guess u have no idea about genetics.

      • You said it ,there is more to life than you see everyday :), that is why there are such things as birth defects, If Joseph Merrick (Elephant Man dumbass) washed up on a beach would we have to take it that he represents true human form. Its not mutation its defects.

    • So it’s a sloth… a sloth that lost all its hair…. A sloth that grew to be double or even triple or more its species average size (only 4.6 to 20 pounds for the two toed sloth which is the largest of the sloths) a sloth that somehow managed to be able to walk (the stories I’ve read on this claimed the creature was walking towards the boys and yet sloths as a species have not walked since the last ground dwelling sloth died out more than 10,000 years ago and the remaining species that we see today are arboreal and only go to the ground once a week and then they simply dig a hole go to the bathroom and climb back up. They almost never move around and could only crawl if they did.) This special sloth of panama was also somehow able to move at a fast enough speed towards the young men, fast enough to scare them into stoning it to death. (sloths are capable of reaching 6.5 feet per minute on the ground by crawling and practically dragging its lower half behind it and they only reach these speeds when in danger so it would have been moving away from the boys; man being one of only three species to pose a threat to them. these speeds can only be held for short periods because of the low metabolism of the sloths which work at half the speed it should for its size).

      This creature is not a sloth… give me a break!!! Animals can mutate, yes, but the chances of a sloth mutating to this extent is so ridiculous that it would make more sense for us to believe that this animal is one, from earth, we have never seen before.

      And for those who believe this is a sloth solely because it have the toes like a sloth, guess what, the sloth is not the only creature with these kinds of toes, ant eaters, armadillos and aardvarks are but a few creatures who have the same toes. can you really think that there might not be even yet another creature who developed the same claws?

      And for those who cite the “resemblance” of the face to that of a sloth, sloths have very large eyes and this creature, even though dead, obviously has small eyes, blind or not, a sloth would have bigger eyes then that.

      • ha ha ha, Sloths can , and have grown in equivalent size to elephants, big by any standards, some can and will stand, but they prefer to dwell in trees….stop with the word mutate, its not a computer game. Just to finish , I very rarely doubt that the animal was doing anything much except struggling, as kids they just did what kids do and started throwing stuff at it , because it scared them so they killed it. Armadillos and anteaters have very different feet to Sloths , as the have a completely different skillset for them. Unless you have armadillos hanging in trees near you.

  7. clearly it got its self stoned with some top-line skunk and is just so greened out it doesn’t take notice of the cameras

    it is elvis and lassi’s love child

  8. even if this is faje the human race needs to leave others alone.what gives us the right to use “extrertalestrial” creature as scientific projects!i do not agree with it at all we do exactly what there doing trying to find life on other planets they have found us and were out there looking why not just try and work with them dont make them think the planet is a place of killing.i mean what gives us the right to claim it as ours?just let them get on with there buisness instead of traping them in cages and proding at them its turture!

  9. Ok kids let me tell you how this shit really happend!! A sloth was having butt sex!! with another sloth and that made a retard baby and that retard baby got to live. And then that retard baby had butt sex with another sloth and that sloth had a retard baby, and thats when he came out of the cave and you guys stoned him.. So read my lips FUCK OFF!! and leave the sloth community alone!!!

  10. I love your blog
    I cannot wait to read more about this subject in the future!

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  12. Hey people this is not a sloth. A sloths nose is different than this. Way sifferent. This thing is also too bald to ever even had hair.

  13. This picture and story could most likely be fake. However, that thing looks nothing like a sloth if you see a side by side comparison the face is completely different. The Sloth has a pronounced nose or snout and this thing has nothing of that sort. The eye placement and the skin are very stange too. It might have the same long arms size and build as a sloth but it is too different to be one unless it is A. a fetus or B. a genetic mutation. Sloths habitat is trees not caves and they have hair on their bodies. Without any solid scientific evidence this thing is not a sloth or an alien or anything other than a hoax.

  14. The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


    1st – it has titties. so, it’s not just an animal but it’s also a mammal.
    2nd – It has a claw like sloths have.
    3rd – It really looks like a sloth.

    • You’re a f****** idiot.
      Learn your s***, do some research on the science you’re trying to use, and then come back.
      Stop being such a f***
      It’s people like you who make the scientific community look rediculous,
      Stop tarnishing the name of science by spreading your idiocracy…

  16. Yes stupid people of Earth, if we see anything that moves that we aren’t used to, we stone it to death! How about, just walking away? And letting it get on with its business.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. If you’re scared, kill it. That’s the American way. Stupid stupid stupid.

    • I agree with you, wtf is wrong with these kids, They something they hve never seen before so they kill it. This could have answered thousands of questions all around the world, maybe even have given us proof of life forms from another planet, this could have been our only chance to really find out but now thanks to these two stupid ass teenagers the world may never know, and personally i think that if it is life from another planet. the two kids responsible for this fascinating creatures death should spend life in prison, or stoned to death.

  17. Clearly a sloth and probably one that was dead for a few days before the kids even found it – it looks as though it was washed up on the rocks by the stream in the background. Body hairs quite rapidly fall out of an animal that’s dead and exposed to water.

    The claim of stoning it to death was almost certainly just the kids stretching the truth to make their story more exciting and to paint themselves in what they considered would be a heroic light.

    • Dude, how could that thing be dead for a few days, THE KIDS SAW IT RUNNING TOWARD THEM !? I don’t know a lot of living creature that are capable of running when they’re dead…

      • Are you dumb?
        FUN FACT: there is this thing called(stay with me here) a LIE. It didnt come near them because it was dead when they found it :P
        These are 15/16 year old kids mind you… They say and do stupid sh*t.

  18. Obviosly a sloth and it could have a deasease and lost all his hair do your homework ok go find pictures of slothes and compare obviosly once upon a sloth.

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