Tension following protests in Terrabusi plant


Following the incidents at dawn today, the plant from Kraft, former Terrabusi, is under an atmosphere of tense calm and it’s surrounded by the infantry and the police.

The workers demanded “an immediate statement from the governor Daniel Scioli” by the events at the plant’s headquarters. They said the cookies company violated the compulsory conciliation, and they are holding protests in  La Plata’s downtown.

A cordon of infantry is stationed by the main door and the police are also on the sides. The workers reported that at 6 today the police repressed the family memebers who were accompanying the protesters.

Terrabusi -Kraft- workers have been fighting for the reinstatement of 150 retrenched workers for months.  While the firm justifies the dismissals with the decline of sales caused by the international crisis, workers are on strike and demanding the fulfillment of the compulsory conciliation issued by the Ministry of Labor’s Office.

Today, when they returned not to work but to continue with their permanent assembly, “the police were inside the plant and tried to stop us from entering the building, then things got nasty and we  started to shove,” said another delegate , Maria Rosario . It was useless, according to several workers, “the police began to repress and opened fire with rubber bullets. They beat a colleague and wounded another.”

The situation is tense. “There are around 80 police officers against us who are 1000 employees,” said plant sources located in Tigre.

Nevertheless, while delegates complained that the officers began to repress them, the company stated that the events were triggered after some of those laid off  “entered by force” and “attacked with sticks and hurt” officers.

Given this situation, social, political and student organizations carried a protest in La Plata’s downtown blocking traffic on 7 and 50 streets, in protest of the Terrabusi layoffs.

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