Thalia: Talks about her illness, Lyme disease


Thalía made statements to a Mexican newspaper, and talked about the disease she caught by the bite of a tick.

Lyme disease, is the name of her illness, which she caught two years ago, during her pregnancy.

Thalia said: “It is a disease that will reach the central nervous system. You’re lying, you can not move, your neck, hip, legs, you cannot move, you cannot recall any words, concepts, names of people in front of you. ”

Visibly excited about the bad memories added that “The disease has affected my skin, my nervous system, heart, joints and if I had not been treated in time it could have become chronic arthritis could have also caused dementia.”

“When I contracted Lyme disease I felt really bad. I felt that I was going to die any moment,” ” Twice literally I felt  I was going to the other side. I touched bottom and that felt so close to death that I came out stronger. “