Thalia: Talks about her illness, Lyme disease


Thalía made statements to a Mexican newspaper, and talked about the disease she caught by the bite of a tick.

Lyme disease, is the name of her illness, which she caught two years ago, during her pregnancy.

Thalia said: “It is a disease that will reach the central nervous system. You’re lying, you can not move, your neck, hip, legs, you cannot move, you cannot recall any words, concepts, names of people in front of you. ”

Visibly excited about the bad memories added that “The disease has affected my skin, my nervous system, heart, joints and if I had not been treated in time it could have become chronic arthritis could have also caused dementia.”

“When I contracted Lyme disease I felt really bad. I felt that I was going to die any moment,” ” Twice literally I felt  I was going to the other side. I touched bottom and that felt so close to death that I came out stronger. “

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  1. Catin,
    You’ve absolutely no idea what ypu are talking about.

  2. Catin with all do respect, you couldn’t be further from the truth on this one. Let me first start by saying that your son and self need to count your blessings, because obviously he caught his case early enough and he didn’t have any chronic manifestations of the disease. Early detection is key! I am 24 years old and have worked my butt doing manual labor since I was 13. I was a very active kid attended college and loved enjoying my time with friends and family. You couldn’t catch me inside the house other than to shower, eat and maybe sleep. 3 years ago I became really ill and wasn’t sure what was behind it all. I felt like I was always going to faint, blurred vision, heart palps, tremors, numbness in extremities, light/ sound sensitive and total lack of cognitive functioning. I tried to fight the good fight for a year seeking answers but ultimately my body gave up on me and I was forced to quit my job and live a reclusive life in hopes of getting better. It’s been a year into a rigorous protocol and I am seeing one of the best doctors for Lyme in the Country. I was forced to move back home with my single mother and pretty much drain her financially in hopes of me getting better. I am nowhere near an end but because of doctors who are willing to put theirs careers and lives at stake for us sick, I am no longer bed bound a year later. I still have a long road ahead of me and many complications to address. With Lyme their comes co-infections, secondary infections, viruses and so forth. So its not just dealing with Lyme anymore, its a much bigger convoluted process. There is no cure for lyme disease, the objective is to get it into remission and have it stay there. I am lucky if I make it to remission in under 2 years, that only means I am one of the more fortunate ones. Then their are those that will take 5 years or more to get better, those who will never get better and potential death can occur if it persists for years just destroying the bodily functions.

    So I connect with hundreds of people who understand me and what I am facing because they do so themselves.. I don’t care if you are Bill Gates and have all the money in the world. All you want with these disease is your life back and not a pity party, Its not like she can choose the best doctor in the world cause she has money and miraculously shes cured. This disease is just unforgiving no matter who you are, and one only gets better if one works with Lyme Literate Doctor who can suit your needs and work with your body. But even if you do have one of the best doctors there is no guarantee they can even get you to where you need to be. So its not Thalia wanting attention, its her wanting her life back and until she finds something that works for her she well never be well. So yes it doest take that longer and for some it takes as long until you end up dead. Its purely and existence not a life.

  3. Catin it’s possible that it’s lying dormant or that it could have gone away we are all different but if one really has this disease for a long time like myself and countless others it’s not easy to get rid of it it can be dormant and change to protect itself from being killed off.There are lucky people out there making it out of this horrible disease God bless those people,but I suffered for years not knowing what I could have this year my DR I have was my ANGEL in disguise and did complete bloodwork and saved me.I could have gone more years losing my eyesight but I had an ANGEL watching over me.I have been fighting back for my SON WHO I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING but this disease is like DEATH we are all BRAVE who have LYME and I will keep fighting right now my headaches are gone my eyesight better my teeth and system feels better than before but yet my tests are still posititve but I know I’am killing them off with my new health habbits and my spiritual faith and medicine so don’t give up people.

  4. Catin, I know this is almost a year later, but all I can hope is that you have educated yourself more. What you wrote is so ingnorant it makes me feel more sorry for you than for those of us who have Lyme. If treated right away, you are right. It is no big deal to cure. But in 90 percent of the cases, it is not caught until things are out of control. And even if you have millions of dollars, doctors are afraid to treat you because many have lost their licenses trying to help us. Watch the documentary “Under Our Skin” You can download it free on the internet. After you watch that I doubt you will be able to sleep after the things you wrote. Here’s my advise to you “get some rest then get an education” It doesn’t take millions to do that.

  5. Catin Cyman, yo quisiera saber como fue tan facil conseguir una mejora, puesto q. yo padesco esto y no es facil vivir con esto por q. los dolores en las articulaciones son horrible, en mi familia no hay nadie en silla de rueda ni con problemas de artritis o algo paresido. Tambien hay q. ver cuanto tiempo tiene uno esto, yo jugaba todos los deportes habidos y por haber, ahora no puedo hacer ninguno hasta caminar ya me molesta, tal ves no he tenido la antecion medica necesaria, pero como hace uno si su dr. le dice con dos semana de antibiotico es suficiente. como es posible, el problema q. los dr. no hacen el examen q. corresponde, ademas el dr. me dijo que solo en Ky. habia un caso y eso no es cierto, nunca en ningun lugar del mundo he visto tanta gente en silla de rueda como aqui, creo q. mas personas padesen de esto de los q. los drs. creen La gente aqui necesita mas informacion. En centro America solo ha existido un caso y fue en Colombia, y no fue infectado alla, si no aqui.No creo q.thalia, este mintiendo, es imposible pero esto es desesperante.

  6. I have never had this disease but I have read and seen documentaries about it. Its so sad how come some so shallow people thinks money can buy everything. Obviously not and we continue to see that everyday. Matter of fact money has nothing to do with it. Certain illnesses are still puzzling and challenging to science and medicine. And lyme disease is just one of the many. And then we also have the ignorant people who think that just because some can recover from illnesses without complications, then everybody else should too. Thanks God she’s doing better now and looking gorgeous inside and out ALWAYS!!!!!

  7. She is not lying. You can tell you do not have a clue about lyme disease. I have had it for 10 years. I have done so many things and taken so many drugs to get better and I am still sick. This disease baffles doctors. It is what they call a stealth disease. It is so hard to kill because it changes forms to stay alive. It is extremely intelligent. It goes from cell wall, to no cell wall to cyst form so you have to keep changing antibiotics to kill whatever form it may be in. Nothing is worse than being sick and having people judge you because they are ignorant.If you are jealous of Thalia because of her success, you need to get over it. She is suffering and you should have more mercy. Who knows, you may get to find out first hand how much she’s faking it one day.

  8. I know few people in my family than suffer of lime disease, and my son caught it last year. In all cases it was treated with antibiotics, and in all they felt tired once in a while, but I had been hearing about this woman lime disease, like it affected her more than any of the cases I know. I think she is lying. Her husband is a millionaire, “get the best doctors to cure you and give it a rest!!!!!!!!!” doesn’t take that long to get better.

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