Marilyn Monroe would have had a son with Tony Curtis

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Tony Curtis, actor, said that when they both were married he had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe, and and she had become pregnant.

These confessions are revealed in his new book of memoreis.

His relationship with Marilyn, is described as “a roller coaster,” and that after one of the meetings they had conceived a child, that she later lost.

The British newspaper Daily Mail published that “everything happened during the shooting of one of the best-known films in 1958 and that is precisely the title that Curtis has put to his memories, Some Like It Hot, original title of the film, which will be published in the United States next September. ”

Tony Curtis, 84, tells Monroe´s intimate secrets, the way they behaved in intimacy: “When I was in bed with Marilyn I was never sure, neither before nor during, nor after, of where her headwas. She was an actress. She could be playing a role, “adding that” Marilyn knew exactly what men wanted. I never asked her again. ”

Marilyn Monroe at the time was married to writer Arthur Miller and Tony Curtis with his first wife, actress Janet Leigh.

The books explains how Marilyn confessed her pregnancy to her husband  “I was stunned. The room was so quiet that the tires could be heard sizzling on Santa Monica Boulevard.”

Miller told Tony to “just finish the movie and get out of our lives, and I saw Marilyn so devastated that I cried.” “Okay. That’s what I’ll do, “replied the actor, and never saw her again.

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  1. y are u worried about it leave him alone he is dead now think about his daugter she is hurting now she is moning may both of them be in peace and left along

  2. Don’t blame AMERICA for one person being ignorant your no better than him grouping everyone for someone else’s mistake!

  3. American people are very clever in making money out of anything. When a celebrity dies they start spreading rumours around that person’s death and make it a mystery. After that they start writing books, making films & composing songs. After every such event couple of millioners are born in America. It is like creating war and conflicts in peaceful countries around the world to find a weapon market.

  4. I am ashamed of Tony Curtis and he is a disgrace to the human race. He is a old, bald headed filthy liar….and he irrates me to no end. If anyone read his first book…. he had horrible horrible things to say about our beloved Marilyn….and after he saw she has a following of loyal and devoted fans he has to make up lies that he had an affair with her…..of course….she and the rest of the people are dead now that they cannot confront him…..but I am old enough to remember exactly when she got pregnant…..and that was before filming began……….All he wants to do is sell his book……..and for the life of me…i don’t like reading a bunch of lies.

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