Gimnasia remains in First Division after a historic victory


The team led by Madelon imposed a dying 3 to 0 against Atletico Rafaela at the promotion revenge match. The goals were converted by Franco Niell and Diego Alonso (2).

After its failed results in Santa Fe last Thursday where the team led by Marcelo Fuentes was defeated with three goals from Aldo Visconti, since  Friday, the team leaded by Leonardo Madelon was concentrated in  Open Door (near Luján) thinking of recovering the shattered spirits and playing its best football.

Gimnasia presented the usual 4-4-2, with midfielder Luciano Aued as outside left, when his team had the ball.

Atletico Rafaela opposed a 3-4-1-2 with Fabricio Fontanini replacing injured  Julián Fernández.

With more will than football, El Lobo was able to open the scoring after 28 minutes. El Pampa Sosa overwhelmed on the left, sent a center and got Diego Alonso to convert 1-0, to keep the fans enthusiasm.

Rafaela had two cons to equalize the match. First Fraire, at 33, was hand in hand with and laid off Sessa. Five minutes later Visconti, a hero in the first game, set off.

Five minutes remaining and El Lobo was expelled. Furthermore, they had nine players after Roberto Sosa´s expulsion. But yet Gimnasia made history.

At 43 minutes it was 2-0. Franco Niell, one of the lowest on the team, appeared behind the defenders and scored the second head goal. The fans exploded with joy and dreamed of the third one.

Bosque finally exploded at 46 minutes. Gimnasia won 3-0 and kept the category, thanks to evening´s hero, Franco Niell, joy and tears to both the Lobo fans and Rafaela´s.

Gimnasia: 3

Gastón Sessa

Alvaro Ormeno

Ruben Maldonado

Ariel Agüero

Luciano Aued

Mariano Messere

Fabián Rinaudo

Esteban Gonzalez

Sebastian Romero

Juan Cuevas

Diego Alonso

DT: Leonardo Madelon

Atletico Rafaela: 0

Dario Capogrosso

Diego Menghi

Fabricio Fontanini

Martin Zbrun

Esteban Gil

Walter Serrano

Germán Cáceres

Fernando Cravero

Ivan Juarez

Jonathan Lopez

Aldo Visconti

DT: Marcelo Fuentes

Goals in the second half: 27m. Diego Alonso (G); 43m. and 46m. Niell (G).

Changes in the second half: 5m. Fraire for Diego Juarez (R) 15m. Jonathan Zanabria for Sergio Lopez (R) 16m. Messere for Roberto Sosa (G) 19m. Franco Niell for Maldonado (G) and 34m. Lucas Castro for Ormeno (G).

Warnings: Ormeno and Maldonado (G); Capogrosso, Fontanini, and Serrano Juárez (R).

Incidents: Second half: 11m. expelled Esteban Gonzalez (G) and Esteban Gil (R). 40m. ejected Sosa (G).

Referee: Javier Collado.

Stadium: Gimnasia.

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