Elisa Carrio “Only dictators, the vulgar, the rude make history with power and money”


Elisa Carrio, head of the Civic Coalition and candidate for the Civic and Social Agreement attacked former President Néstor Kirchner again last night, and asked the government “not to be confused, with violence to the people…” ” We reject every act of violence, but victims  feel they can not run over people. Can not be a victim who did not care or the field, neither producers nor place, nor his province: Unable Scioli can not Rossi, Kirchner can not feel victims, the victim is not the worst area, or producers because they will recover, will resist in the land. The worst victim of the Peronist PJ is the poor people living in Buenos Aires, “

And do not forget the other candidate when he referred to the holder of the political party Unión Pro, Francisco de Narváez, “That is wrong Francisco de Narváez, it is not with money that history is buildt, is with the soul, belief, with militancy and training, “

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