Pablo Gabriel Dreyfus is the Argentinean among missing plane’s passengers


The manager of Air France in Brazil confirmed that an Argentinean was traveling in the flight that is missing. The Argentinean is Pablo Dreyfus, who is  son of the recognized publicist Gabriel Dreyfus. Pablo devotes himself to the struggle against small arms traffic and he is 39 years old.

According to news agency Ansa, it was informed that in the flight that was traveling from Rio to Paris was carrying, also, 80 Brazilians, 73 French, 18 Germans, 9 Italians, 6 Americans, 2 Britons, 2 Spaniards, 1 Filipino, 1 Rumanian, 1 Swedish and 1 Icelandic”.

An Air France plane with 228 people on board disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Brazil to Paris on Monday after hitting strong turbulence and French officials said they feared a disaster.

The Brazilian force said the Airbus jet was well advanced over the sea when it went missing and military planes took off from both South America and Africa to hunt for the plane.

Air France said the airliner sent an automatic message reporting an electrical fault at 0214 GMT, roughly 15 minutes after the plane flew through a stormy area with strong turbulence.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy was informed of the incident and expressed his deep concern.

He has demanded that the relevant authorities do everything they can to find the plane and “shed light on the circumstances surrounding its disappearance as rapidly as possible”.

Air France spokeswoman Brigitte Barrand added: “Air France regrets to announce that it is without news from Air France flight 447 flying from Rio to Paris.

“Air France shares the emotion and worry of the families concerned.”

She said the airline has installed an information centre at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport for the families of those aboard, including 216 passengers and 12 crew.

Air France has opened a telephone hotline for friends and relatives of people on the plane — 00 33 15702 1055 for callers outside France and 0800 800 812 for inside France.

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